Regulars readers with “Gmail” email accounts will recall that, some months ago, we had an issue with Gmail’s spam filters. Seems the good folks at Gmail periodically adjust the spam filter sensitivity ( if that’s the right terminology ) and as a result readers who have Gmail accounts for their email ( almost half of you ! ) will have seen our last weekly blog go straight to their “Trash/Junk” folder. Sadly this seems to be an occasional problem I just cannot eliminate but I am trying to determine if it is something in the blog I post that is the issue ?Meanwhile, when I notice it, I’ll continue to send out a one-off blog like this with no real content, no images and no video other than a link ( below ) to last week’s blog that “Gmail” subscribers did not get in their Inbox. I’ve also included a link to the current blog ( this week’s ) in case it happens two weeks in a row !

As always, should you notice the blog is not there in your Inbox as usual each weekend simply log into our website ( ), scroll down to “Recent Posts” and there you’ll see whatever you may have missed.