Q: Why such a small vehicle ?

A: We don’t think of it as small at all. The vast majority of people travelling overland like this are in SUV’s with roof top tents ( invariably Toyota LandCruisers or LandRover Defenders ). Many on motorcycles as well. We have even met people cycling and walking the Pan American Highway ! We wanted something bigger, more comfortable in inclement weather and more secure than a roof top tent but not as big as a traditional North American “RV” – which are completely impractical for rough, narrow Central/South American roads and difficult / expensive to ship. The truck camper seemed like a good compromise in the “driveability vs liveability” debate. So far we have found it very comfortable and have adapted to its compact dimensions

Q: How long will it take to get to the bottom of South America?

Not exactly sure but most folks we speak to that have done this trip spend at least a year. It’s over 23,000km’s direct from Kelowna to Ushuaia, and of course we won’t be going direct – there will be lots of detours! During the trip we expect to return home at some point as well.

Q: How is your Spanish ?

Developing ! Honestly, quite poor but we are learning more each day. We can handle all the basics but fall back on Say Hi Translate for discussing more complex matters. There is often someone around keen to use their English in the more well touristed places. I would say most foreigners we meet only have very limited Spanish skills and they get by just fine.

Q: Do you get homesick ?

There are certainly things we miss – family and friends of course, but with FaceTime, Messenger, WhatsApp and a regular blog we feel pretty connected to everyone. We also fly home periodically, which helps a lot. It’s not a stretch to say that, through the blog we are actually reconnecting with old friends and colleagues we would not normally hear from as often. So, to any who are reading it, keep the comments coming – we love getting them and always respond…!