It’s been a bit of a balancing act for us here in Buenos Aires. The plethora of delightful cafeterias, panaderias, pastelerias, heladerias, chocolaterias, authentic pizzerias and simply countless great restaurants ( for which the city is renowned ) represent a constant ( and I mean constant ! ) temptation. And, with no truck camper, well, we just had to eat out all the time. Every which way you turn there is one or more of these tantalizing food options- but how to keep it all from adding pounds ( or kilos ) in precisely the wrong places, all the while staying fit to explore the city ?

Sidewalk cafe’s are everywhere, and served not only coffee/tea and the like. A cold beer or wine could be had whenever !
Cake display at “London City” one of BA’s well known cafeterias on Avenida de Mayo. Very decadent ! We’ve never eaten as much of it as we have here.

Simple, we decided. We’d  enjoy Buenos Aires’ edible temptations daily, though in moderation, and we’d walk everywhere we possibly could when sightseeing. Not only was walking good for us but it gave us a close up view of the city that one sometimes misses in a taxi, bus, subway or an Uber. Excuse the pun but perhaps we really could ( quite literally ) have our “cake” and eat it too !

The sweet biscuits were very popular.
Even breakfast had a ”sweet” emphasis. Here, breakfast at London City. This was the Americano and included ( incredibly ) an extremely generous portion of strawberry covered cheesecake. First time we have eaten cheesecake for breakfast !
One of the great things about Recoleta is the abundance of great little ”boutique” restaurants. This one, ”ToriTori”, was a favourite of ours. Best beef brochettes we’ve ever had !

With Covid trending significantly lower here as it is in most countries (but still a threat), more walking ( masked up of course ) would also minimize the risk of any possible infection. In fact, and perhaps we are a bit paranoid about it, we have not taken a bus or subway (which are generally very crowded ) since we came back in November. So far so good on that count…..fingers crossed. Gastronomic temptations aside there has been no shortage of sights and attractions in this enormous city. Below are some of the places of interest we’ve been exploring of late.

Puerto Madero, a redeveloped riverside neighborhood in BA. Some good shopping, a great park and good eateries in this part of town.
Caminito, a colorful street in La Boca ( literally, ”the mouth” ), a gritty neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Famous not only for the colorful buildings, La Boca’s eponymous football club ( Boca Juniors ) claims legendary Argentine player Diego Maradona as its favorite son.
Maradona, Eva Peron, and Carlos Gardel ( who significantly influenced the tango ), La Boca.
Another street in La Boca.
Puente de la Mujer ( Woman’s Bridge ), Puerto Madero. It’s angled design was intended to evoke an image of tango
BA has one of the nicest Japanese gardens we have seen anywhere – a place of solitude and quiet contemplation in the middle of a busy city.
BA also has a beautiful botanical garden not far away.
Some very exotic……
…and very colorful
…..and both colorful and exotic plants could be seen in the Jardin Botanico ( Botanical Garden ) !
Many statues too. Some like this, in the garden……
….and others, evoking the struggle for independence, such as this on Avenida Libertador
Avenida 9 de Julio is wider ( but runs both ways ). We counted 12 lanes ( just one way ) on Avenida Libertador !
Often when sitting at an outdoors cafe we would be entertained just watching people park. Often bumper to bumper ( sometimes at both ends ). Seemingly little thought is given as to how people would get out !

The sights of BA have been enjoyable and there are many more still to see. In the background, meanwhile, we are keeping a close eye on the “Toledo” as it steams north to the US. As of the close of this blog it appears not to have fallen any further behind in its schedule and seems to be making steady progress up the coast of Brazil en route to Panama.

Here’s hoping for continued smooth sailing over the next few weeks.

Port congestion seems to be the main reason for shipping delays. Our ship made two stops in Brazil ( at Rio Grande and Santos ) and in this image ( at Santos ) you can see how many ships are waiting to berth. Typical these days.
Forever watching over the nation – a giant mural of Evita on the side of a high rise overlooking the massive Avenida 9 de Julio.