Many friends, colleagues and some business owners have supported us in preparing for our trip and will be offering ongoing support as we continue our journey – to all who have pitched in, a big “thank you”! The list below is probably not complete but covers most who have lent a hand :

Bannister GM Kelowna: who sold us the truck and have agreed to supply us parts and mechanical guidance as needed should we require it in places where they are not readily available en route. Thanks for the peace of mind Brian Neary!

Johnny’s Auto: John Piatelli, our long-time mechanic who assisted with some truck mods and gave our vehicle a full mechanical inspection before departure

Altar Metal Fabrication: Tyson, thanks for the amazing aluminium metalwork that made the flooring and drawer system possible in our truck

Chris Woods/Jason Doucet: colleagues with all the right tools and a host of great ideas – Chris, the drawers, the hangers, and the power panel were all thanks to you!

Andy Paterson: Too many visits to Andy’s workshop to count – got the truck “floor” levelled, a counter redesigned, kitchen drawers sliding smoothly, and just seemed to recommend all the right bits and pieces to solve the seemingly most intractable problems!

Jeremy Porritt: some indispensable aluminium work just when we needed it

I am sure there will be more along the way…….



Jeff + Lois

Jeff + Lois

We are Lois and Jeff, of Kelowna, BC, Canada. A mid and late 50’s couple, recently retired with a serious travel bug, looking forward to hitting the road in May 2019. Our plans are open-ended but North and South America are first on the list and we will determine what comes next after we see how we do in the America’s.


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