Overlanders We Have Met

During the many years we have spent preparing for our trip and along the road travelled so far we have met, liaised with on-line, and in some cases been visited at home by many ‘overlanders’ who have inspired us and shared their stories and invaluable tips with us. We thank them all – the list below is but a small sample !

www.adventurouspirits.com : Tom and Janet, from Calgary, Canada, who came to stay with us a few years back. Following a Toyota Landcruiser odyssey across Africa with a roof top tent, they bought a Nissan Titan truck and Outfitter truck camper to tackle the Pan American Highway.

www.adventuresinyellow.wordpress.com : Norman & Maggie Magowan, from Northern Ireland, who we followed on line for some time before they too visited us in Kelowna on their ride across Canada. The ride was the final segment on a 3 year ‘west to east’ ride around the world on a pair of ( yellow ) BMW motorcycles. They too had previously travelled the Pan American Highway.

www.freespiritcoelhos.wordpress.com : Arun and Roland were a couple of Aussies we met in Whitehorse, Yukon and who had driven their RV up from South America en route to Tuktoyaktuk and the Arctic.

www.navegandoporterra.com : Cristiano, his wife and daughter, were a delightful Brazilian family we met in Deadhorse, Alaska as they were finishing the Pan American Highway in a Ford Ranger and truck camper.

www.elrovano.com : Matias and Paulina, a young Chilean couple riding a BMW motorcycle from Chile to Alaska. We met in Bruceport, Washington

www.churkiwi.com : Carl and Renee, a young New Zealand couple driving an ex-nursing home GMC van on a surfing adventure from the US to Chile. Met at Potrero, California

Undoubtedly there will be many more as we continue south !